How and where to leave reviews of the book

We would love to hear from you about what you thought of the book and there is a form below that you can provide feedback that will go directly to the author.

However, because we are a small publishing house we will rely on getting reviews (hopefully good ones) out there on the interweb. Below are some places that can help out by leaving a review:

    1. Where you bought the book from – often when you purchase a book through an online store it will give you an option to leave a review on their own site.
    2. Amazon (UK, US, AU)- will let you leave a review if you have an Amazon account (you don’t need to buy the book through Amazon).
    3. Goodreads – sign up for a free account.
    4. Barnes and Noble – you will need to setup a free account to leave a review.
    5. Apple Books (UK, US, AU) – needs you to have bought the book from the Apple bookstore.
    6. Bookbub – you will need to setup a free account.
    7. Library Thing – Is a community of over 2,375,000, it lets you catalog, review, and discuss your books. You need to quickly setup a free login and can search for our books.
    8. Your personal website or blog
    9. Social Media – your platform of choice, ideally with a link to where it can be purchased 🙂

Feedback to the author

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